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"Just as the hourglass is an instrument for measuring time so are the days of our lives."

One may ask, "What is an invisible timeline? Well, it can be described as a line that lists important events, arranged in the order in which they happened, over a certain period of time.

From the time of conception (in your mother's womb) to the time of departure from this beautiful earth, we are on an invisible timeline.

Life expectancy is 70 years for men and about 72 for women, but not everyone lives to get that age. Some others may live well into their hundreds. But regardless of the number of years we live on this earth, we are traveling on an invisible timeline.

We were put here for a purpose. We have a certain period of time to discover that purpose and evolve and flourish in it. We have to make the most of every passing moment by not wasting time unnecessarily; for that timeline is rapidly being consumed. Try your best to discover your purpose, so you can share it with others. Strive to take nothing to the grave that could have been a contribution to society or to another man's development.

Whether you complete everything that you purposed to do or whether some things are left undone, make sure you do not exit from this timeline without having "JESUS" as your personal savior.

"SELAH" (think about that)

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